Hopefully we’ve answered below all of the questions you might have.

However the best way for us to to determine whether our services will suit your needs and to answer any other questions is to CONTACT US.

1. Where Is Transform Fitness Located?

Transform Fitness is located at:
Level 1, 110 Beresford Rd,
Lilydale VIC 3140.

You can call us at the Studio on 9738 7449

2. What Are The Trading Hours Of The Studio?

Mon – Thurs… 6am – 9pm
Fri… 6am – 6pm
Sat… 8am – 9am

Public Holidays… 8am – 12pm



3. How Does Transform Fitness Achieve Such Great Results?

Transform Fitness’ exclusive reputation has been built through hundreds and hundreds of jaw dropping, amazing body transformations! This has been achieved through our Nutritional Principles and FIRE & ICE Scientific Training Systems.

These Systems are how Transform Fitness can Guarantee Results and have been tested over time through hundreds of amazing Transformations and Testimonials.

These Systems are based on shorter duration and focus driven workouts to help create the biggest metabolic response in the body. This means our programs are scientifically designed to help you burn fat for anywhere up to 4 hours after you finish your workout while only training for as little as 30mins!

4. What Does It Take To Qualify For The Program And What is the FREE Trial Pass?

To find out if you qualify for our training program it is simply just a matter of organizing a ‘FREE CONSULTATION’ with us to see if our services match what you are looking for and your expectations as well as if you will be a good fit for our Facility and Culture.

What we look for in a member is the following:
Their COMMITMENT level towards achieving their goals.

Their ATTITUDE towards how important this goal is for them to achieve.

Their WILLINGNESS to learn new ideas, concepts and training methods to help them achieve an AMAZING TRANSFORMATION.

Although we have all of the tools and knowledge to get you into the best possible shape of your life, if you do not have the correct mindset then nothing will change. That is why these expectations are so important and the reason behind why we have so many AMAZING success stories.

When you do QUALIFY for one of our services you will be given the opportunity to ‘Test Drive’ our training systems for (7 Days for ICE training and 1 session for FIRE) to make sure you are happy with your decision. If for some reason you decide that is not for you (which is highly unlikely) simply just let us know within 7-Days and we will happily refund you your money-back if you have paid for a service and/or end any agreement in place.

5. What is the 'No Obligation FREE Consultation’?

The ‘No Obligation Free Consultation’ is designed to find out all about your fitness and health goals as well as if you meet the criteria mentioned in the previous question ‘How Do I Qualify For The Program’. We’ll then work with you and advise you on which program will best suit your needs based on your budget, time availability and commitment level.

During this consultation your Coach will answer any questions you may have including health, fitness, diet and exercises questions. This is so you are clear on how we are going to achieve the results you desire. The consultation lasts about 30 minutes is completely free and gives you some great advice as well as a VIP guided tour of our facility.

There is no obligation to do anything further unless you are READY… so take the next step and book in your FREE CONSULTATION TODAY!

6. How Much Does It Cost?

Transform Fitness services and packages start from as little as $30 per week and we have plenty of options available to meet all financial requirements.

7. What Results Can I Expect?

Results vary depending on each individual’s commitment to the program.

See our client’s testimonials for an idea of what is achievable when you follow our scientifically proven training methods and eating plans.


Everyone can improve their health and get results. Often it is just a matter of education on performing the most effective exercises and eating the correct foods at the right time.

8. Can I Still Train With Medical Conditions And Injuries?

Yes you can, of course you can… In fact we will consult with you and your health professionals recommendations to ensure we help heal the injury or support the rehabilitation of the medical condition. All of our Personal Training programs are tailored to take into account any old or existing injuries that may influence your ability to exercise.

We do however recommend you see your Physician and consult them before doing any physical exercise program.

9. I Haven’t Done Any Form Of Exercise For A Very Long Time, Do I Need To Be FIT To Join?

I often get asked this question and always answer it in the same way (often with a smile). The idea of having to be FIT to start a training program uses the same philosophy of never consistently brushing or cleaning your teeth but not booking in to see your Dentist until you have cleaned them for 7-Days in a row, however the damage has already been done, you now need help to fix it! The reason you are coming to see us is to be given guidance, education and support on how to become fitter and healthier.

Our programs are designed to cater for all fitness levels as we have systems in place that allows our trainers to modify exercises for individuals to make them easier or harder when required.

We do however recommend you see your Physician and consult them before commencing any physical exercise.

We also encourage that you work with what you are comfortable with from the beginning and take any necessary breaks if you feel the need to. Our trainers are experienced and have a very good understanding and feel for when to push you and when to back away. We welcome beginners as well as people that are working on getting back into their best shape.

10. What Do You Do In A Training Session?

Personal Training is different for everyone. Every client is an individual with individual needs and goals.

Your training sessions will be designed using our FIRE and ICE scientific training systems as well as being written specifically to achieve your health and fitness goals, which will get you the fastest results possible in the shortest amount of time.

Your Personal Trainer is with you all the way, guiding you through the exercises, providing you with ongoing motivation and support when needed as well as giving you the tools to Transform your body. They will even stop and get you a glass of water during those energy pumping workouts.


11. I Am A Female And Don’t Want To Put On Muscle

This is a question we often get asked (or told) by females due to the fear of not wanting to look like a body builder. The TRUTH of the matter is that ‘putting on to much muscle’ simply does not happen for females and the actual image of what increasing your lean muscle looks like is totally different to the misguided image you have burned into your brain.

Without getting into all of the biochemistry reasons why this does not happen in females, let me simply explain why muscle is so important. At TFF we focus on building lean, quality muscle as this is the only non-surgical way to change body shape as it directly increases your bodies natural fat burning ability to allow you to burn fat not just while you are working out but even when you are resting!

Ladies this means you will start losing massive amounts of cm’s off all of those hidden away areas and finally start to see yourself fitting into clothes that have been collecting dust in the wardrobe for years!

12. Am I Able To Tailor A Package Specific To My Needs?

Yes although we already have 3 main specific services available to choose from you can also create a package specific to your needs. Our highly qualified trainers can assist you in doing this.

13. Can I Cancel My Package If It Is Not For Me?

Yes you have 7-Days to decide whether our facility and services are for you and if you decide that it is not something you would like to be a part of then we will happily refund you your money-back and end any agreement in place.

14. What If I’m Too Busy And Don’t Have The Time To Come?

We have worked with thousands of clients over the years and professionally speaking we have found that “I don’t have enough time” really means “I’m just not serious about getting these results and this is not a priority”

Our members range from busy Mothers with 5 Children to Executive Directors that run large companies and all of them share the same common belief. ‘If you really want to change your body, the way you look and feel, then you WILL find and make the time’ – that’s the truth.

The question you should be asking yourself is “When will I ever find the time if not now?”

15. Do You Suggest Eating Plans Too?

Food is exceptionally important in how effective your results will be and yes all of our Personal Training Services come with nutritional monitoring, guidelines and suggestions. We also provide nutritional programs throughout the year that you can add into your package to learn all about the essential nutritional tools to help you achieve the body you want.

We do however recommend you consult your Physician and/or a Nutritionist before following any recommendations.

16. Will I Be Provided With A Program I Can Do On My Own?

All Personal Training Services include a tailored workout program for each individual that is designed in a way where you can use it in the privacy of your own home, during interstate business trips and/or as well as at your local gym.

17. Can I Train With A Friend/Family Member or Partner?

Yes, we would encourage you to train with a friend/family member or partner to share your experience and journey with them.

It’s not only fun and motivating to train with someone else we also have specially discounted offers available for 2 or more family members training at the same time.

18. Is There Anything I Need To Bring?

Apart from a great attitude you don’t have to bring anything. We will provide the equipment, motivation, accountability and FUN. Just bring a water bottle, towel and make sure to NOT come on an empty stomach. We don’t want you to get lightheaded during our amazing and energetic fat loss workouts!

19. Am I Able To Just Use The Facility As A GYM?

No! The facility is not open to the public and to gain Access to our Exclusive Training Facility you must be participating in either our FIRE or ICE Group Fitness Services. This is the main reason why we are unique to all the other Gyms and PT Studios you have ever experienced before.

For members that would like to use the Facility as a gym on top of their membership we do have several options available, just please inform your Personal Trainer regarding this and they will explain to you the options available.

20. What if I have other questions?

You can call us at 03 9738 7449 or email us at
info@transformfitness.com.au and we would be more than happy to answer any additional questions that you may have.

Working together, we’ll find the plan that’s right for you...


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