How it All Started

So what was the LIFE-CHANGING event that created Transform Fitness?

It all started when I was 20 years old when my Father ‘Graeme’ was diagnosed with Bowel Cancer and given only 6 months to live. My Dad had always been an active man and someone who didn’t eat ‘junk food’ or smoke but as he got older and work become more physically and emotionally demanding, it was accompanied with an inactive lifestyle, high levels of stress and poor eating habits that many of us fall victim to.

My Father was a very strong determined man and I guess this combined with the old cliché of “I’ll start getting back on track next week, next month…” etc made him believe that he was some how in control of his own health. However as time went on nothing changed with his focus on his health and as the years increased so did the hours at work and stress levels.

At the age of 47 my Father was diagnosed with Bowel cancer and a few months later terminal Liver cancer. At the time I was only 20 and like many 20 year olds health and fitness was not on top of my priority list, however that was all about to change.

Over a 9 month battle I watched my Dad dramatically go from 100kg’s down to 60kg’s and lose the long black shiny curls of his mullet.

His moustache (that resembled the classic handle bar look from the 70’s) Liam-Dadslowly fell out, even though he had kept it ever since I was born and I can only remember on one occasion where he actually shaved it off.

He also had to deal with the daily demands of vomiting from the chemotherapy and other painful treatments they put him through in the attempt to save his life.

However the treatments were not successful and Dad sadly passed away after 9 months of battling with this far to common enemy we all know as ‘cancer’.

Where my dad was told to embrace what little time he had left to live, I knew I had an opportunity to turn my life around for the better. So from that point I made an unspoken promise not only to my Dad but also to myself to educate myself and others on how to improve the quality of their lives through balanced nutrition and scientific training programs.

Liam_deThis experience and in honor of my Father is the reason WHY I am so passionate about helping people change their lives to live life to the full extent.

You see Health and Fitness is not always about just having a slim waistline and a toned body. It is a way of life that promotes a healthy heart, strong emotional fitness, a balanced diet and muscle strength and endurance to deal with the pressure of everyday activities.

It’s about being able to LIVE LIFE on your own terms and NOT be held back from physical limitations that you are in full control of.

So after 10 years of training thousands of clients, searching and uncovering the latest nutritional and training research we have finally created the Transform Fitness Transformation Studio with the goal of helping people TRANSFORM their lives, one client at a time.