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More Than Your Average Gym In Lilydale

Are you unhappy with your health and appearance, and ready to do something about it?

Have you been researching local gyms and fitness facilities, trying to find the right fit for your needs and lifestyle?

If you’ve been doing your homework, you’ll know that not every gym in Lilydale works the same way. There’s a lot of variation in the facilities that are provided, the on-site amenities, the membership style, and the extra support services you can access. At Transform Fitness, we offer more than your average gym in Lilydale; we offer a comprehensive service and a great supportive environment to help our clients achieve the best possible resultsguaranteed!

The Transform Fitness (TFF) premise is uniquely designed so that there’s plenty of space, light, and easy access to equipment. You’ll never be stuck in a queue for your favourite machine, and there are multiple choices for equipment and machines to train each major muscle group. There are no crowds or peak hours in which it’s hard to do your workout because TFF is an exclusive private facility with a strictly limited membership. We believe this is an important part of providing the ultimate experience to our members.

Each of our trainers is an experienced professional with the resources and expertise to help you transform your diet and lifestyle, as well as your exercise regimen. We understand that exercise is responsible for only 17% of the effect on your metabolism, which is why you’ll also get complete diet and nutritional guidance, including comprehensive information on nutrient timing so you don’t have to give up your favourite foods. We also stock a great range of products and supplements at the gym, so you can shop conveniently.

To arrange your FREE no-obligation tour of our facility and to see whether TFF is the right fit for you, contact us today on (03) 9738 7449.

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