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At Transform Fitness you can be confident that you are getting a Transformation Specialist with any of our personal training packages as all of our highly qualified trainers are all Metabolic Precision Qualified.

“Transform Fitness is a fully qualified Metabolic Precision Provider. Unlike other personal trainers, Transform Fitness provides a truly unique, holistic service that guarantees great results and a life-changing experience for every client!”

Dr Paul Cribb
Owner & Founder of Metabolic Precision

Liam Carrick-Ryan

Body Transformation Specialistliam-carrick-ryan

Personal Trainer
Director/Founder of Transform Fitness


Liam is the founder of Transform Fitness and is a highly regarded Health and Fitness Expert in the industry.

Liam’s own personal health and fitness journey began at the age of 20 where his Father (aged 47) was diagnosed with Bowel cancer and a few months later terminal Liver cancer.

At the time he was like many 20 year olds, health and fitness was just not on top of his priority list however that was all about to change. Where his dad was told to embrace what little time he had left to live, he knew personally that he still had an opportunity to turn his life around for the better.

From this experience Liam developed a passion to help educate others on how to improve the quality of their lives through optimum nutrition and scientific training methods, while still living a balanced lifestyle.

10 Years on Liam has helped changed thousands of people lives through the philosophy that health and fitness is not always about just having a slim waistline and a toned body. It is a way of life that promotes a healthy heart, strong emotional fitness, a balanced diet and muscle strength and endurance to deal with the pressure of everyday activities.


  • FMA Strength Training Level 1
  • Metabolic Precision Level 4 Transformation Specialist
  • Australian Strength and Conditioning Association Level 1
  • IAPC Certificate in Bodybuilding and Contest Preparation
  • Certified Punchfit Trainer
  • Cert 3 & 4 in Health and Fitness
  • Registered Member of Fitness Australia

Syndi Carrick-Ryan

Women’s Weight Loss Specialistsyndi-wilson

Pre & Post Natal Coach

Personal Trainer

At 30 years of age, Syndi’s desire to help create sustainable life style change amongst the community is generated from the journey she has travelled since she was just a little girl in Primary School.

Her story allows her to connect with her clients on a deep and emotional level and some have even said ‘spiritual level and understanding’. With this level of understanding and her philosophy of ‘adopting a holistic approach to achieve permanent life style change for mind and body to become physically and mentally fit’, Syndi achieves great success for those who choose her to embark upon their journey of health and fitness.

Her programs are individualised and are structured to bring the best out in her clients and their abilities, while promoting a steady progression of:

*Posture Stability *Exercise Techniques *Breathing Techniques *Strength *Becoming Body Aware *Education Regarding Your Nutrition and Exercise *Toning *Weight Loss

Her 30 year journey has given her great appreciation and respect for the importance of leading an active and healthy life style and she gains great satisfaction in educating her clients to adopt this same mindset.

“Every day we go into battle with ourselves physically and emotionally, and it’s up to me to educate you on how to emerge a true warrior!” – Syndi


  • Certified in Pregnancy & Post Natal Exercise by Preggi Bellies
  • Cert 3 & 4 in Health and Fitness
  • Metabolic Precision Level 1 Transformation Specialist


Scott Blackwood

Body Transformation Specialist
Personal Trainer


Scott has always had a strong relationship with health and fitness, as he has been involved in the sports industry throughout his whole life however his passion for health and fitness lies much deeper then just the training component alone.

Scott’s true passion is to help inspire and coach others to become the best possible versions of themselves through providing a supportive and motivating relationship with each and every client as well as implementing simplistic yet proven training systems that are specific to each client.

“Throughout my Coaching roles I have always believed that training should be made as simplistic as possible while still being specific to the individual goals. Goals, support, performance, recovery are key words that I believe are very important in any sort of training program. My philosophy towards every client is to see them continually grow and improve with a focus on solutions instead of problems”

After just one training session with Scott you will see the tremendous excitement and passion he has about helping people transform their lives however just like everyone else Scott too has had to overcome many obstacles throughout his life, which included battling with a lack of confidence and low self esteem caused by the criticism of others.

Growing up I dealt with a lot of criticism for being small and skinny. These criticisms stopped me from ever wanting to lift weights as I felt like I would be criticized further if my body didn’t show change. It took a lot of courage to start lifting weights but once I eventually started I probably had a ‘I’ll show you’ mentally which looking back I don’t believe was very healthy.

As I grew more physically I also began to grow more emotionally which resulted in my whole mindset changing. I came to the realization that I train because I love the way I feel when I do it as well as the feeling I get after it not because I am concerned with the opinions of others. Having this attitude changed my training routine from being a chore into a lifestyle choice and I now do it for me, and not anyone else!”


  • Cert 3 & 4 in Health and Fitness


Working together, we’ll find the plan that’s right for you...


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