Mooroolbark boot camp

Bootcamp Near Mooroolbark at Transform Fitness

Do you like the idea of kick-starting your weight loss journey with an intensive group workout?

Do you want to feel supported and encouraged every step of the way?

Are you looking for an exclusive facility with great equipment, amenities and small group sizes?


Then you’ll love ICE Fitness Bootcamp near Mooroolbark at Transform Fitness!

We offer a number of different options in terms of ICE group fitness for Mooroolbark locals who love a bit of variety in their workouts. Choose from exciting classes such as kickboxing, boxing, core conditioning, and more. Our trademark ‘Ultimate Warrior’ class provides a holistic workout inspired by a number of different training disciplines; you’ll use a great range of equipment such as the battle rope, TRX and Torsonator. You can find out more about our 13 different classes, including which ones are right for you, when you come in for your FREE no-obligation consultation.

Worried about embarrassing yourself or not being up to the challenge? Don’t be! All of the individual moves and routines in our classes can be adapted for those with special requirements, such as members recovering from injury or those who haven’t worked out in a long time. They can even be scaled up to an advanced level, ideal for experienced members and athletes.

Our ICE Fitness Bootcamp is not only super affordable, starting from as little as $5 per session, it’s also convenient for anyone living or working in Mooroolbark. Transform Fitness is located less than ten minutes from the heart of Mooroolbark via Mooroolbark Road. Call us to schedule your FREE Consultation today on (03) 9738 7449!

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