Mooroolbark personal training

Maximise Your Results with a Personal Trainer near Mooroolbark at Transform Fitness

Transform Fitness is changing the face of physical fitness and personal training in Mooroolbark. We give our clients an experience they can’t find at average gyms – fun, motivation and real results in less time!

Does any of the following sound familiar:

  • Wasting hundreds or thousands of $$$ on an unused membership?
  • Dreading going to the gym?
  • Confused by conflicting weight loss information?
  • Low self-esteem and/or poor self-image?
  • Garage full of unused fitness equipment?
  • Yo-yo dieting?

If they do then you’ll love how Transform Fitness can make a difference.

Transform Fitness offers more than just personal training near Mooroolbark, we offer a total body transformation. Our highly experienced and dedicated personal trainers take a comprehensive approach to training clients, making sure to cover everything from safety and special adaptation needs to strength, endurance, flexibility and cardio fitness. The aim is to get you lean, healthy and happy, and to develop your physique from head to toe. You’ll learn about sustainable healthy eating habits, why muscle mass is important, and how you can slow down the ageing process with the right training. You will benefit from not just a reduced BMI and increased fitness but also increased flexibility, reduced risk of certain injuries, lower overall stress levels, better quality sleep, improved immunity, and most importantly a positive new outlook on life.

Our fully-equipped studio provides not just great equipment and amenities, but a friendly results-based culture that really drivers our members’ success. We’re all about inspiring lasting, sustainable lifestyle changes as opposed to short lived, less-than-healthy changes. What’s more, we’re located just minutes from the heart of Mooroolbark!

Call us today to arrange a FREE, No Obligation tour of our training facility on (03) 9738 7449.

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