Me, My Baby & I


The Transform Fitness Me, My Baby & I program is the latest addition to our evolving list of services.


Me, My Baby & I entails a carefully planned and progressive structure that is broken down into 3 easy steps.


Step 1: Prenatal Training

Step 2: Maternity Leave

Step 3: Postnatal Training




(Must be a minimum of 12 weeks Pregnant. Personal Training Service Only)


This program is personalised to women who are looking to maintain their Health and Wellbeing during their pregnancy and is designed to physically prepare you for the daily repetitive movements you will perform with Bubs.


Inspired by progressive Resistant and Cardio movements that are relevant to each Trimester, your workout will steadily advance to a moderate level of intensity so you can safely enjoy the benefits of your training. Designed to strengthen your back, posture and pelvic floor while increasing fitness level and muscular strength, your experience will be personalised and closely monitored.


(Must be a minimum of 6-8 weeks post pregnancy. Class Environment)


This program is specific to women who want to invest in their Health and Wellbeing after their pregnancy and is designed to use your new bundle of joy as the weight.


In a class environment, you (with your baby) will participate in safe and progressive strength training exercises, where your workout will steadily advance to an energetically high level of intensity. Designed with recovery in mind, you will discover a new found strength in your back, core and pelvic floor.

 What Do You Get?


  • An initial consultation with Syndi Carrick-Ryan
  • A Trainer who is a Mum and Certified in Pregnancy and Post Natal Exercise and Modern Pregnancy Exercises
  • Nutritional support and guidance
  • A structured and progressive training program
  • Fitness Evaluations
  • An intimate setting where you will receive a personalised service
  • The support of other Mums and a new social circle
  • A list of established and local resources

What We Will Need From You

  • A Medical Clearance from your Health Professional before beginning your training
  • A Pelvic Floor assessment before beginning your training
  • An Abdominal Separation assessment before beginning your training


Is Training Safe While Pregnant?

Yes, as long as your health professional has cleared you of any potential health concerns.


 Benefits in training while pregnant

  • It will increase your stamina. Sometimes getting too much rest can actually make you feel more tired
  • It can assist in having a better nights sleep and waking feeling more rested
  • May prevent gestational diabetes
  • It releases endorphins, so can diminish stress and anxiety levels
  • Helps in maintaining a good posture which takes pressure off your back and helps with overall aches and pains in your neck, shoulders and back
  • Keeps your muscles nice and stretched and can reduce the level of cramps known to pregnant women
  • Keeping active helps keep the dreaded constipation at bay
  • Mums who exercise tend to have shorter labours and are less likely to need labour and delivery interventions
  • The more fit you stay during your pregnancy the faster you will recover physically after child birth
  • Your baby is stimulated by the sounds and vibrations they experience while you are exercising
  • Your baby can be born at a healthy weight, can better able to weather labour and delivery and recover quickly from the stress of birth


%image_alt%Hello and Welcome!

My name is Syndi Carrick-Ryan and my Husband, Liam Carrick-Ryan and I are proud parents to our gorgeous son Tahj and owners of Transform Fitness.

After having my own bundle of joy, I fell in love with the idea of creating a space within the community that supports women through all stages of their lives.

Transform Fitness has successfully employed this concept by adding a Pregnancy Program into the variety of flexible training services offered that our female Members can freely utilize to accommodate their ever changing circumstances.

I believe in and am passionate about a holistic approach, meaning that while I lead you through an energetic program that will have you feeling and looking fabulous … I will also teach you tools to engage and develop yourself emotionally because when you FEEL good, you LOOK GOOD!


Cert IV Personal Trainer

Certified in Modern Pregnancy Exercise – Burrell Education

Certified in Pregnancy and Postnatal Exercise – Preggi Bellies

Level 1: Metabolic Precision Nutrition


    “I Look Forward To My Session At Transform Fitness Each Week And Love That I Not Only Get A Fantastic Workout But Get To Spend Time With My Son.”

    Transform fitness is the most welcoming and inviting gym I’ve been to. Syndi and Liam have created such a wonderful space and have a genuine interest in their clients. Every time I walk in I’m greeted with smiles and friendly faces. It is an incredibly positive place with a true community feel. As well as weekly sessions with Syndi I have participated in their charity bootcamps, where Syndi and Liam give back to great causes and people in need.

    Me, My Baby and I is an amazing program that has allowed me to include my son in my workouts. Training with him has made it such an enjoyable experience and so convenient. It’s so hard to find a program or gym that allows mums to train with their babies and Syndi has created an environment that provides this. Training alongside other mums and babies has created an amazing, supportive and motivating environment I’ve yet to see at any other gym. Syndi is so invested in her clients health and wellbeing goals, she is so supportive and encouraging. During my six week challenge I was able to check in with her every night to keep me focused and on track. Whenever I needed extra guidance she was there and at the end I felt as though she was just as excited about my results as I was.

    No matter how many questions I have Syndi always takes the time to talk everything through. She has a wealth of knowledge and always leads by example. I appreciate her ongoing support and guidance as I continue on my health and fitness journey. Not only am I well on my way to my physical goals but I am so much happier within myself and I credit a lot of that to Syndi and Liam. I look forward to my session at Transform Fitness each week and love that I not only get a fantastic workout but get to spend time with my son.

    Veronica Bence
    Proud Mother of Tayo
    Testimonial Picture of Kelly Connor (2)

    “From the first session I had with her I felt comfortable and I knew I was with a trainer who was able to guide me through training whilst pregnant”

    Kelly Connor
    Age 25 Expecting Mum
    Testimonial Picture of Erinn Harrison (2)

    “Syndi was and is amazing! I suffered from morning sickness in the first trimester, the days I trained I felt so much better and had more energy…”

    Erinn Harrison
    Age 28 Proud Mother of 3
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