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    “I have the confidence to achieve anything...”

    Gavin had just returned from holidays and noticed the scales had gone up to the heaviest he had ever been and his t-shirts didn’t fit as comfortably anymore!

    “I returned from a holiday, jumped on the scales and realized I was the heaviest I had ever been at 103kgMy clothes did not fit me and I was low on confidence.”

    Something needed to CHANGE and with a wedding day looming Gavin got serious and decided to start training with us at Transform Fitness!

    Fast forward 4 months later Gavin achieved his goals with amazing success!

    On his wedding day he stood at the alter with confidence and pride in his appearance.  With dedication and commitment he LOST 16kgs!! (Down to 87kg)

    “I set a goal for getting in shape for my wedding, and once I completed that goal I set myself other small goals until I transformed my lifestyle. There were a few hick-ups along the way but with plenty of help and support from all the trainers at Transform Fitness, they were easily overcome!”

    Gavin W
    Age 33