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    Testimonial Picture of Lisa Licciardi (2)
    “1st Place INBA Southern Cross Championships -Ms Fitness Model 30+ ”

    “I began training at Transform Fitness (TFF) in July 2014, 5 months after giving birth to my second child. From the moment I stepped foot in the studio, I knew I was going to succeed in achieving my goals and dreams. Little did I realise exactly what they would be at this point, but the unconditional support and guidance that the TFF team provided instantaneously made me feel that anything was possible.

    I began training with two FIRE sessions per week in the 6:1 format. After reigniting my love for focused weight training and conditioning, I increased to three sessions. Surrounding myself with motivation daily, including fitness pictures and quotes, I continued to develop aesthetic, psychological and physical goals from one assessment to the next. Each day, looking to my sources of motivation to continue to reinforce the reasons why I wanted to succeed at my goals and that the person responsible for doing this was me.

    I have received nothing but exceptional support and guidance from the trainers at TFF in achieving my goals. When I realised that my dream was to compete as a Fitness Model, I became more determined than ever. My training became even more tailored, including additional weights programming, cardio and specific nutritional guidance and implementation. The holistic approach from the TFF team has been integral to my achievements to date. My competition results are a further testimony to this.”

    Lisa Licciardi
    Age 32