Wonga Park personal training

Get More Out Of Group Fitness Near Wonga Park at TFF

Have you ever gone to a traditional gym to lose weight or improve your body composition, only to get disappointing results?

Are you looking for a gym near Wonga Park that can offer an exclusive, supportive and comfortable workout environment in which you can achieve your very best?

Then you’ve come to the right place.

Here at Transform Fitness, we aim to change the way our members think about training. Our highly experienced personal trainers take a comprehensive approach to training members, including everything from nutrition and lifestyle advice to group fitness classes and one-on-one training sessions.

Our service is personalised every step of the way, from nutrition plans adapted to your dietary requirements, to moves and techniques which are adapted to suit your starting fitness level. At TFF you’ll never feel like just another membership number; because our membership levels are strictly limited, we can provide the friendly, welcoming environment you need to step up to the challenges of training.

We provide three distinct program levels to choose from. This allows our members to get the training they need at a cost effective rate.

Our entry-level option is our ‘ICE’ Group Fitness, in which you get access to 13 ICE group fitness sessions per week that are scientifically designed to burn fat twice as fast as regular cardio. Plus you will also get exclusive access to our support systems and networks of resources.

The second program option is our ‘FIRE’ training system, which is offered through a 1on1 or 6on1 small group format. The success form our FIRE program comes from the focus on building lean muscle to increase your metabolism by focusing on performing resistance based exercises that maximises the bodies natural fat burning ability.

Last but not least the third service Transform Fitness offers is our ‘Metabolic Nutrition Online Coaching’ system where you will learn to eat lots of delicious food, discover your metabolic classification to fast track success, get the right type & amount of exercise to speed results and develop a tailored plan perfect for you with NO counting calories!

You can get to the TFF Studio from Wonga Park in around ten minutes via Paynes Road, Edward Road and Switchback Road. To schedule your Free No-Obligation consultation, call (03) 9738 7449 or email info@transformfitness.com.au.

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